Atlas Experiences: "WOW-ing" Employee Experiences with Amazing Destinations and Innovations

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Derek Gwaltney, Founder & CEO, Atlas ExperiencesDerek Gwaltney, Founder & CEO
1954’s The Practice of Management, by management guru Peter Drucker, emphasized the importance of appreciating employees’ good work. Today, while the value of well-earned praise cannot be overstressed, a more exciting form of employee recognition would be the reward of a once-in-a-lifetime experience through a well-curated incentive program.

A study by the Harris Group found that 72 percent of millennials prefer to spend more money on experiences than material things. According to Dr. Elizabeth Dunn, Professor of Psychology at the University of British Columbia (UBC), experiences—as fleeting as they may be—deliver lasting happiness than materialistic tokens of appreciation. By offering such experiences to employees, employers can create a reward that an employee will talk about back in the office and re-live time and time again. This will instill positive vibes in all their colleagues and create a pleasant sensation of Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), when the previous winner posts pictures of where they have been.

Atlas Experiences, a boutique incentive travel and experiential company, understands the value of these experiential incentives. Atlas integrates once-in-a-lifetime events to destinations such as Hawaii, Ireland and the Grand Cayman Islands, social engagement, and unique digital innovations into a cohesive incentive program for clients to excite and reward employees. The integration of social media engagement and AR-based moments help build the excitement surrounding incentive driven strategies and keeps employees hyped about going for the win. By offering custom experiences, Atlas helps companies drive and reward their employees for excellent performance, while also boosting morale and overall ROI.

“Our vision is to craft amazing trips around the globe and to create winning moments in augmented reality, and as a result, we are developing augmented reality and digital promotional elements, to showcase various destinations and generate employee excitement about being incentivized for their contributions to the success of the organization.

To Atlas, creating these remarkable moments ensure that every employee receives a personalized experience which exceeds expectations and delivers the WOW Factor

We have a unique way to introduce our most exotic destinations and reveal winning moments,” says Derek Gwaltney, Founder & CEO of Atlas Experiences.

Atlas Experiences is focused on customizing their events that deliver the desired result for their clients and is benchmarked by various KPIs. The company works with its clients to connect the dots on strategy, goals, and business impact. For example, many companies’ sales incentive programs are a tool to help them achieve specific strategies and annual sales goals.
“To Atlas, creating these remarkable moments ensures that every employee receives a personalized experience which exceeds expectations and delivers The WOW Factor,” says Gwaltney.

Atlas has structured large incentive programs for lotteries and gaming companies in North America, in the form of great private events and celebrity concerts. One of their core strategies is aligning the vision with industry leading partners to deliver social media engagement, AR guest experiences, turnkey event services, production of concerts with the best talent, and creating 3D creative AR promotional elements. Atlas has infused their incentive programs, with elements from top companies and incorporating custom hashtags to share and showcase the entire event. All can be seen in photos and videos across all social channels.

The company has gained tremendous market traction and is entering its second sales cycle and the outlook for events in 2022 and 2023 are looking very promising. “The pent-up demand to reconnect and have the moments they cherish most will help the company’s continued growth,” says Gwaltney. The company is about to start materializing their innovations, i.e., the AR promotional elements, and deploy their digital game show, both live, in-person, and virtually. Consequently, Atlas Experiences is on its path to developing those solutions, launching incentive programs, and continuing to adjust and adapt—factors that they consider being pivotal to their success.
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Atlas Experiences

Atlas Experiences

Marietta, GA

Derek Gwaltney, Founder & CEO

Atlas Experiences is an incentive travel and experiential company that integrates social engagement, innovations, and once-in-a-lifetime events into a cohesive program for employees. Furthermore, the company also helps build up the excitement surrounding such a program by means of social media engagement and AR based interactions of the program for maximum hype. By offering such once-of-a-kind experiences, Atlas Experiences delivers a way to help companies both drive and reward their employees for excellent performance, while also boosting morale and overall ROI. With a combination of fantastic travel and destination partnerships, innovative digital game shows, augmented reality experiences and social media engagement, Atlas Experiences is able to create the most customized and rewarding once-in-a-lifetime programs, that perfectly complement the needs of each employer and their best employees