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Sindre Haaland, CEO, SalesScreenSindre Haaland, CEO The sales force plays a key role in the success of an organization. Salespersons bridge the gap between customer needs and the products that fulfill those needs. They also build trust and loyalty between customers and businesses. Predominantly, businesses balance salary and incentives to motivate the performance of their sales force. However, the use of nonmonetary incentives, such as contests or recognition programs, are proving highly useful for motivating sales representatives. Their performance, when recognized yields inspiration for the whole sales department to achieve more. Inspiring sales upswings, SalesScreen has the mission to help build great sales organizations by making sales fun, engaging, exciting, and rewarding. The company’s namesake offering is a unique sales motivation software that helps organizations track progress on KPIs, reward completion of key activities, and surpass their sales goals. “At the end of the day, the key to motivation is knowing what to strive for,” states Sindre Haaland, the CEO of SalesScreen. The company’s daring, talent-driven, dedicated, and playful team, leverages their knowledge of the tight schedule of sales representatives, and efficiently optimizes their time in an enjoyable and appealing way for better sales. Clients experience stronger sales culture, lower turnover, better awareness on goals, and increased activity on the metrics that drive revenue growth and success.

The software uses game-based mechanics, aesthetics, and game thinking to engage employees, motivate action, promote learning, and solve problems in the non-game context of business. “SalesScreen has transformed the challenging work of sales into a professional and motivating game,” states Haaland. The SalesScreen software combines data visualization and reporting features with gamification to spark the competitive spirit of salespeople and accelerate their performance.

Great Sales with SalesScreen

The SalesScreen software empowers sales teams to perform at their best by turning the process of selling into a collective and competitive effort. “Great culture is the key to driving great performance and recognition and celebrations build a great culture,” states Haaland. For the purpose, SalesScreen has created an entire sales management toolbox that allows organizations to recognize achievements, run sales contests, measure performance, track improvements, and focus on what matters most. In the direction of recognition, SalesScreen deploys video celebrations on TV to connect people across offices, build company culture, and spread awareness of employees’ achievements. Recognition boosts motivation and ensures a culture wherein events or employee feats deserving attention and praise are appreciated. Methods to execute this are via customized announcements, rewarding milestones with one of SalesScreen’s 160 badges, creating milestones, personalizing celebrations with a YouTube video of choice, and more.

We build stronger and more productive organizations all around the world by helping teams to set goals, measure progress, and celebrate achievements in real-time

SalesScreen inspires enhanced employee performance by running competitions at the individual, team, and company level around the clients’ goals based on real-time data.The competitions feature of SalesScreen software has a quick setup, is automatically updated, and offers innumerable templates to choose from. The feature is especially meant for companies and teams that are tired of running unexciting sales contests where the same few people always win. SalesScreen levels the playing field, ensuring everyone has a chance to succeed in the friendly competition at the workplace.

SalesScreen cleverly uses digital leaderboards to demonstrate the top performers and motivate other employees to reach for the top. This feature replaces the obsolete sales bell and whiteboard with a digital solution that displays employees their current performance. “Raise the bar and show your middle performers what it takes to be on top,” states Haaland. Leaderboards exhibiting the best performance, informs every employee about their own performance, and inspires greater efforts to realize their full potential and have their names on the leaderboards. The recognition and admiration earned from being a top performer further inspire the recognized employee to maintain and even better themselves at their jobs.

Focusing on companies’ key metrics, SalesScreen builds custom web dashboards for visualization of important data in virtually any shape or form, in real-time to build awareness across the clients’ offices. The presentation of data assists not only the efficiency and accuracy of employees but also the management. Senior-level executives have the required data ready at hand to make important business decisions. SalesScreen on mobile enables employees to view progress updates and check team performance while on the go, enhancing connectivity among teams alongside constant access to important data.

SalesScreen not only works great as a solitary tool but also enables clients to integrate with a range of CRM and enterprise products. These products include Salesforce, SugarCRM, Oracle Sales Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Pipedrive, HubSpot, Zapier, and more for a seamless and streamlined experience. The company also allows clients to build their own integration through SalesScreen’s API.

"SalesScreen has the mission to help build great sales organizations by making sales fun, engaging, exciting, and rewardinge"

SalesScreen in Action

Thousands of companies including Tellix AS, Berendsen, Tryg, Social Blue, Convins, and more have deployed SalesScreen to improve sales and embrace a stronger culture to brighten their future. For instance, Sandnes Sparebank, a medium-sized savings bank had a few key goals to increase activity, performance, and results on key targets.
They wanted a more visible and results-oriented tool to keep track of sales, improve visibility of the sales department’s activities, and sharpen focus on various campaigns to achieve different types of targets. The bank also wished to enable their management team to recognize good performance, support competition between employee teams and 1-1 with other colleagues, facilitate real-time recognition of employees’ contributions, even those working late, and more.

Sandnes Sparebank approached SalesScreen, and the company provided the bank with many beneficial solutions. SalesScreen provided more positive drive towards results, more visibility into the sales process, better ability to concentrate efforts, increased awareness on data, involvement, and awareness from the management, personalized approach to goal completion, and celebrating in style. SalesScreen’s YouTube celebration videos garner a positive response to recognizing the efforts of the employees being celebrated. With the help of SalesScreen, Sandnes Sparebank witnessed a 200 percent increase in goal attainment for their customer service teams and a 133 percent in new customers for their private sales department. The bank has become more results-driven than before, and there is an improvement in the focus on entering data and tracking numbers. “With more visibility into individual performance and department results, Sandnes Sparebank’s employees cheer for and support each other better. This makes the bank a strong company that boosts customer loyalty,” says Haaland.

SalesScreen Subscription Packs to Choose from

Customers of SalesScreen can subscribe to STARTER, PRO or ENTERPRISE packs, with the first two attending to users below 100 in number. The STARTER pack offers the features of access on the web, mobile & screen, chat & email support, visualization. The PRO pack provides the additional features of competitions and gamification. The ENTERPRISE pack goes beyond the PRO pack to also offer the features of the department and executive levels, dedicated account manager, dedicated database, and 99.5 percent uptime guarantee. Customers can get started with SalesScreen on a monthly or yearly subscription. The ENTERPRISE pack requires direct contact with SalesScreen and a number of users over 100. Hence, a customer can subscribe to SalesScreen according to their needs and budget.

The work of SalesScreen enunciates the paradigm shift in the conduct towards employees. Beyond just salary for the hours they work, SalesScreen helps companies offer recognition to employees for their performance at work, which is profitable for both the employers and employees. Used by companies worldwide, SalesScreen helps unleash their full potential. “We build stronger and more productive organizations all around the world by helping teams to set goals, measure progress, and celebrate achievements in real-time,” concludes Haaland.