Robertson Marketing: Empowering Employee Recognition

David Robertson, Owner, Robertson MarketingDavid Robertson, Owner
Employee recognition in the workplace is aimed at strengthening particular behaviors, processes, or activities that result in improved performance and beneficial company outcomes. There are innumerable methods of bringing staff recognition into practice, but it all begins with company culture. A winning recognition program for employees begins with a corporate culture that promotes an appreciation for top performers. This can be the basis for strong employee engagement, ongoing employee development, and future retention policy.

As an innovative marketing and advertising solutions company, Robertson Marketing takes an agile approach to improving company culture with its recognition programs and marketing services. John Robertson of Robertson Marketing puts it succinctly: “Robertson Marketing has 40 years of history in helping companies create a sense of belonging for their employees through creating active recognition programs that help build a better culture.”

In today’s connected, consumer-driven world, creating brand fans is a paramount mission for companies. To create brand fans, companies must connect people – employees, business partners, customers, and fans – by providing tools to energize that connection. Robertson Marketing is building these tools and providing them. Their Global Brand Stores motivate individuals to be part of the brand trip and provide rewards for them. They offer people quick, reliable online access to their brand-related products and services.
It is a unified strategy, deployed across national borders to provide brand management in a real worldwide solution. Robertson provides a customizable tool, enabling companies to maintain coherent perspectives to improve brand awareness and streamline the customer journey.

Robertson Marketing offers some of the best recognition programs available – ones that celebrate a sense of belonging and make it an intricate part of the business and staffing strategy. Each of the programs fosters a sense of belonging and align with the organizational goals and values. In turn, that belonging helps in recognizing and reinforcing positive behaviors among employees. Robertson provides reward and recognition programs focused on consumer loyalty, recruitment and retention, years of service, safety, volunteerism, and sales. “Our platform helps companies facilitate their recognition goals and objectives, and our different online tools make it easy for teams to celebrate each other within the organization,” states John Robertson. In addition, Robertson offers technology development services and merchandise services, including product sourcing, custom manufacturing, bulk ordering, co-branding, licensing, graphic design, custom order support, and decorating services.

With its in-depth knowledge and expertise, Robertson Marketing offers its recognition programs to employees in major industries such as technology, entertainment, consumer, industrial and financial. In addition to building and managing employee recognition and celebration programs, Robertson Marketing also offers different modules to build games, rewards, peer nomination, and many other add-ons with its Celebration Lab platform.

The future vision of Robertson Marketing lies in leveraging innovative technologies, such as AI and augmented reality, that will help bring new services to meet and exceed clients’ evolving needs. The company also aims to expand its geographic footprint across China and India this year. John Robertson sums up Robertson’s mission thusly: “We help companies celebrate their employees and elevate the company’s brand value by increasing employee retention.”