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Andrew Bishop, General Manager, RecogNationAndrew Bishop, General Manager If life is a vehicle, inspiration is its engine, powering individuals to conquer new frontiers. The inspired trigger passion and strength in others to overcome mental barriers, bulldoze every obstacle, and set the achievement bar to a new level—creating more inspired people around them, which becomes a chain reaction. Companies have come to see inspiration as a glue that holds their multigenerational workforce together in adapting to the changing business needs and embracing organizational development. After all, teams that breathe the same energy and share high touch moments stand a better chance of celebrating the diversity of thoughts, getting things done faster, and delivering high customer satisfaction.

Inspiring individuals, however, requires an environment that extends a caring hand and a deep sense of empathy and belonging. As social beings, employees can be fired up after reading a hand-written note of encouragement from the manager. A meme shared by a peer can bring a smile to the face in a tense situation, improving emotional well-being. RecogNation (a Baudville Brands company) focuses on fostering connections between individuals across the organizational hierarchy and recognizing every individual’s achievement and value regardless of their designation and geographical presence. At RecogNation, “We believe a community is only as strong as the connection of its people. When we reinforce purpose, foster connection, align efforts, and recognize achievement, people become inspired to reach higher and go further—for themselves, for others, and for their organizations,” states Andrew Bishop, general manager of RecogNation.

Employees like feedback, to be affirmed in their actions and feel appreciated for their efforts. And, if a company can implement a social recognition mechanism that promotes and reinforces positive employee behavior, that does a world of good to employee experience. In tune with this idea, RecogNation has built out their Employee Engagement Platform, an efficient social recognition and communication platform with empathy, belonging, and togetherness at its core. RecogNation’s platform makes employee recognition specific, measurable, and quantifiable. That means, the platform answers not only who is recognized but also why. This knowledge and understanding ignite the energy, passion, and talent of every employee across the board.

Unlike other employee recognition platforms, RecogNation elevates employee experience throughout the journey—from hi to bye. The company does this by capturing life events on both the personal and professional side. So, it is not only positive customer feedback that earns a reward or a shoutout for an employee; even new employee enrolment, long-term service, birthdays, new additions to the family, and retirement draw attractive rewards and acknowledgements from peers, senior managers, and executives alike. The experience of celebrating life events together as a work-family cements relationships between employees and the employer, something which financial benefits alone cannot achieve.

Allowing Every Employee to Recognize Accomplishment

As part of the Baudville Brands family, which has a 37-year history of serving Fortune 1,000 companies with smart employee reward and recognition solutions, RecogNation brings to bear the massive real-world knowledge and experience of addressing the convoluted employee engagement expanse. In fact, many of their features are designed based on the findings of all these combined years of experience and interactions with their customers.

We Believe a Community is Only As Strong as its People. When They are Connected and Engaged, Inspiration Grows

For instance, with its nomination feature, everyone in the organization regardless or role, title, seniority, etc., can use it to appreciate, acknowledge, and shine a light on the great and inspiring work of others, leading to a special acknowledgement for a deserving individual. And, at many organizations—including RecogNation, and Baudville Brands as a whole—Nominations are tied to core values. Reinforcing what matters most. So, while they are a vehicle for expression and recognition, they are also a vehicle for communicating and driving the values that separates your culture from the rest. More simply put: when team members know what they need to do to succeed, it is more likely that they will.

In addition, the RecogNation social recognition platform empowers everyone in the organization to send personalized shoutouts and praise to each other. As the entire organization comes together to laud the efforts of others, such a work culture puts an end to the feeling of isolation among employees and enables the workforce to grow stronger as a tight-knit community. This, in turn, helps companies lay the building blocks to future-proofing their business.

New employees tend to be nervous about the kind of experience, opportunities, and challenges they would encounter in their new job. The waiting period between preboarding and onboarding can be a mix of emotions. To make this phase of life sweet and build quick rapport with the new blood, RecogNation provides a preboarding welcome kit that includes customized notes from the manager and the leadership, gift cards, and other merchandise. The company also provides a ‘first-day welcome kit’ and ‘90-day thank you kit,’ each containing exciting products, gift cards, and messages from colleagues. To help its clients optimize employee experience with minimum operational overhead, RecogNation has taken over the inventory of many of its clients and is shipping onboarding kits and employee care kits, directly to recipients homes.

Once the new employee is on the production floor, RecogNation’s eCards can be a great companion in keeping the spirits up. From junior staff to senior managers through the leadership, anyone can give each other a dose of praise, encouragement, and offer support. Impromptu witty messages with loads of wisdom in them can encourage colleagues to pull up their socks and approach work with greater optimism. To put things in perspective, one of RecogNation’s clients, a learning care group who has just launched the RecogNation Platfom, has seen a whopping 4,000 eCards shared between employees in a span of their first 60 days, which is so important during the current COVID-19 times. In general, RecogNation has watched as eCards sharing between peers has more than doubled across its client base throughout the course of 2020.

Outstanding performances can be equally well facilitated with spot recognition by utilizing RecogNation’s Redeem-a-Code solution. Increased analytics, tracking, and compliance with built in spend control mechanics is the perfect spot recognition solution to say goodbye to all the hassles associated with the traditional corporate gift card program. A secure, responsive, and GDPR compliant platform, the RecogNation Platform has a built-in points accounting system that guides administrators on the overall spend and the management of points allocation. Besides, the platform readily integrates with existing HR systems in the client environment.
Alerts are set for birthdays, anniversaries, and other timed achievements and milestones, so employees and managers never miss a beat in full-on celebration—right from their home screen. The icing on the cake is the platform’s timeline feature that allows employees to visualize a snapshot of their journey in the organization and strengthen their bond with colleagues from across departments and geographies.

Programs Tailored to Every Business Need

It goes without saying that no two companies’ goals, objectives, and strategies are alike. To that end, RecogNation has built its technology on a framework that is customizable and configurable to clients’ specific needs. For each client, the company goes through the program design phase, where it understands goals and objectives and builds the right features to help them accomplish their goals. Dedicated program managers and customer service teams walk alongside clients, configuring and tailoring the platform to ensure fruitful outcomes. These teams also conduct frequent check-ins to ensure program success and better understand and identify the challenges their customers are facing.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a bevy of fears lurking in the employees’ minds. Am I safe in my company? Am I connected with it? Is there a future for me here? Unsurprisingly, there is a huge demand to tie corporate communications through social channels to help employees stay connected.

RecogNation has recently introduced an enterprise video feature that helps companies maintain and increase the cadence and frequency of communication from the leadership of the organization on various topics. The video communication component is integrated to its technology platform whereby the leadership can upload video snippets to the platform. “Internally, we have introduced a new program through which one member from the leadership team will post a video message to the entire workforce weekly, and many of our clients have adopted this program into their workflow the moment they heard about it,” says Bishop.

Smarten Up with HR Community

As one of the toughest areas of business management, employee experience is prone to complex challenges and changes. To keep itself abreast of the recent developments in the employee experience arena and find solutions to some of the pressing problems, RecogNation looks beyond its available pool of resources. RecogNation’s HR director, Tricia Huizinga, participates in several HR communities locally and nationally, where she poses questions that are perturbing the company to find suitable answers from the industry participants. In addition, Bishop is part of the advisory board for ‘The best and the brightest companies to work for’ committee, where several key HR topics are discussed.

With the aim to help clients foster a culture of warmth and appreciation among its employees, RecogNation is all set to launch a new mobile app. The intent is to breakdown the invisible barriers among employees through greater platform adoption. Meanwhile, the company is exploring new areas to strengthen the culture and community in an organization with a variety of new solutions. These solutions are aimed at increasing connections amongst people from across the organization. There are exciting new modules in the next 12-18 months, different from what the market has seen in the people connection expanse. “If we can bring who we are as an individual outside of work into the workplace and enhance the peer connection, manage the relationships between and across hierarchies, we think it will help bring a spark to the overall engagement, trust, and collaboration among team members. Fostering connections based on deeper profiling of employees can translate to better workplaces and enhanced individual performance,” concludes Bishop.
- Hanna Wilson
    December 25, 2020
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Andrew Bishop, General Manager

RecogNation offers a unique social recognition and communication platform that drives employee experience and business outcomes. RecogNation (a Baudville Brands company) focuses on fostering connections between individuals across the organizational hierarchy and recognizing every individual’s achievement and value regardless of their designation and geographical presence. RecogNation has built On-Point, an efficient social recognition and communication platform with empathy, belonging, and togetherness at its core