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Karen McClenny, President, KMC IncentivesKaren McClenny, President
An organization’s biggest problem is not the pace of shape-shifting IT trends. Instead, frequently they find the task of engaging employees more challenging. Recognizing the powerful link between recognition and engagement, many recognition programs are in place, but mostly rendered ineffective due to the absence of the right elements and tools to make them successful.

A well-structured program will consist of several elements; behavior-based elements, education, performance based recognition, individual goal achievements, and team based achievements. This is called the Performance Improvement Process, which allows for all elements to work in conjunction with one another to accomplish the goals and objectives of the program. It improves focus, gets consistency from manager to manager, controls your financial spending, creates a best practice culture, and gets a better return on your investment.

A lack of communication with employees can be a main cause of a program’s failure. Clearly communicating the goals, educating the participants to accomplish those goals, and at the same time, recognizing the participation along the way through positive reinforcement are key to an effective employee recognition program. The best way to communicate, administer, track and measure your program is with an Online Management System (OMS).

These systems house your employee database to track your program at a macro level; company, division and district, down to the micro level; business unit, manager, supervisor and employee. The OMS communicates your message clearly and across multiple shifts, locations and languages. It can also facilitate your recognition and reward elements of your program. It is affordable to set up, user friendly and can facilitate your program on multiple electronic devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones.

Comprehending the business goals of the enterprise is key to understanding exactly how the employees can be engaged and rewarded in the best possible way

Uniquely aligned to meet the ever-growing demand for employee engagement programs, is the San Antonio-based KMC Incentives (KMC) that designs and develops effective employee engagement programs for many different applications. KMC positively influences the performance improvement factor of businesses through their Employee Recognition, Years of Service, Employee Safety and Sales & Marketing engagement programs.

KMC undertakes any client project with consulting as the first step. As Karen McClenny, President at KMC explains, “Comprehending the business goals of the enterprise is key to understanding exactly how the employees can be engaged, recognized & rewarded in the most effective way possible.”

To best design a program for any company that is looking to implement (or improve) a recognition program, the KMC team performs a comprehensive review of the leading and lagging indicators currently in place. Once the deficiencies are identified, recommendations and solutions are put in place that will increase overall employee engagement. A Gap Analysis of the Performance Improvement Process is also conducted so that those specific areas are targeted and improved.

KMC offers a point-based system that awards points to the employees for every goal-oriented activity they participate in. “We offer an online awards catalog for employees to redeem their collected points for merchandise of their choosing,” adds Karen. This proven model brings forth an emotional connect and motivation amongst employees. For instance, if an employee chooses a particular merchandise, but is falling short of points to collect it, the employee can go through the program structure again to earn adequate points. This further encourages participation in activities and tasks that are in the business’ interest.

In the years to come, KMC intends to continue helping organizations improve the engagement of their employees. “Our objective is clear: to deliver higher levels of productivity, increase loyalty, achieve stronger financial performance, foster a stronger company culture, and most importantly, bring employees home safely at the end of each day,” concludes Ms. McClenny.
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KMC Incentives

San Antonio, TX

Karen McClenny, President

Through Employee Engagement and Recognition programs, Marketing & Sales programs, and Safety programs, we help our clients enhance their company culture, motivate employees, and reward performance. We help organizations identify behaviors they need to modify or enhance, benchmark their current performance, and then custom design a plan to create a culture of engagement. Solutions provided include Years of Service Awards, Performance Awards, OSHA/MSHA Compliant Safety Incentive Programs, Sales & Channel Incentives, Group Travel Incentives, Peer-2-Peer Recognition Programs, Wellness Initiatives and Instant Award Programs