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Vanessa Brangwyn, Chief Customer Officer, AchieversVanessa Brangwyn, Chief Customer Officer
If companies are holding potluck luncheons or giving out company swag to improve culture and employee engagement, they’re missing the mark. Engagement is highly personal and fluid with each employee having their own set of motivational drivers. Achievers is addressing this need with hyper-personalized employee engagement and recognition programs. “Our solution is helping companies drive engagement with a solution that enables employee feedback to be heard and understood in real-time to build great workplace culture,” says Vanessa Brangwyn, Chief Customer Officer at Achievers.

To improve company culture and employee experience, HR’s role has evolved from a transactional to strategic role, with most forward-thinking departments prioritizing employee recognition programs as the top driver of employee engagement. The latest HR evolution is the consolidation of these programs with other employee engagement initiatives, like employee voice, feedback and performance, to create an environment where employees feel as though their work is valued, their voice is heard and that they can bring their whole self to work. This is a critical challenge for companies in all industries.

At its core, Achievers’ holistic Employee Success Platform, which includes Achievers Recognize, an employee recognition solution, and Achievers Listen, a continuous employee listening tool, empowers every employee to be an owner of organizational culture and engagement. With Recognize, employees can acknowledge and appreciate their peers, helping the organization get one step closer to achieving organizational goals. On the other hand, Achievers Listen—a standalone AI-powered platform—is a continuous employee listening tool designed to enhance the efficiency of employee engagement surveys and simplify the solicitation of workforce feedback.

Our solution is helping companies drive engagement with a solution that enables employee feedback to be heard and understood in real-time to build a great workplace culture

Leveraging the gathered employee response data and its AI-powered active listening interface (Allie), Listen provides an open channel for employees to quickly share feedback securely. “Allie goes beyond traditional employee engagement surveys by asking employees follow-up questions based on their responses and delivering feedback to managers, so they can act immediately,” explains Brangwyn.

Achievers has assisted the automotive giant General Motors (GM) in implementing a cohesive recognition program across their globally-dispersed organization. Initially, GM had 60 different types of employee recognition programs for its workforce of 176,000 employees, communicating in 70 different languages across six continents. Because of this scale and complexity, GM was struggling to develop recognition programs that would create a lasting impact on workforce engagement levels. Working with Achievers, GM was able to design and deliver a comprehensive, consolidated recognition program with consistent global employee experience. “We improved employee engagement and retention and accelerated cultural exchanges across several of GM’s regional offices,” adds Brangwyn. GM’s program went on to set the record for the most activations on the first day of program launch in Achievers’ history. In the last GM engagement survey, ‘employee recognition’ was listed among the five most improved areas of 2018, receiving over 5000 positive comments.

Achievers is currently planning to conduct and translate workforce sciences into accessible content and make it available to the public. With the appointment of its new CEO, Jeff Cates, the company aims to drive strong momentum in the market even further. Looking ahead, it will be announcing a number of new features and updates for its solutions at the upcoming Achievers Customer Experience (ACE) conference. Achievers is perfectly poised to revolutionize the formulaic employee recognition industry with its passionate team and ability to enable business success with leading-edge technologies.