2021 Predictions: It's all about the employee

Gina Drewek, VP of Technology, One10Gina Drewek, VP of Technology
There’s no denying 2020 was a rough year, for all the obvious reasons. Socially distant workplaces and remote teams became the norm, and employees were forced to manage their own health, financial and family stress associated with the pandemic. Even before COVID-19, there were workforces that were becoming disengaged, and the pandemic exacerbated this. As we look ahead to 2021 with optimism and hope that life will return somewhat closer to normal, we know this will be the year we focus on the employee and the need to bring our teams back together, physically and virtually. Here are three ways in which technology can help drive business success:

Rewards and recognition matter
We all like to be rewarded for a job well done. But, how much does that factor into overall job satisfaction? Quite a bit! According to our most recent research, 74% of employees said they were more likely to remain an employee of that company if they felt like they were being properly recognized.

The good news is, you don’t have to wait for annual reviews or end-of-year parties to reflect on the good work being accomplished by your team. By investing in a rewards and recognition program, you have the ability to recognize your team’s efforts each and every day. Recognition that happens often, and is done in an authentic way, is not only highly valued among your teams by it also helps foster repeat behavior.
Don’t Do It Yourself
Incentive programs can do wonders for motivating your teams around a common goal, which leads to increasing your bottom line. It may sound easy to create, but it can be challenging to pull off. It’s dangerous to assume you can develop, implement and manage a rewards and recognition program all by yourself. This is especially true for larger companies, with more employees and channel partners to manage. You’ll end up with disparate programs and data scattered across traditional spreadsheets. This simply isn’t effective. In the end, you won’t have the results to show an increase in sales, let alone an ROI on your sales and incentive program.

This isn’t a place for DIY solutions. Instead, turn to experts who have experience designing effective incentive programs. These experts will bring with them the technological solutions that will make your sales and incentive program a success. This includes consolidated portals that house all your data and programs, allowing for easy management, execution and reporting. Plus, all of your teams can easily access the portal, making it easier for you to measure performance.

User-centered design
Technology is everywhere, and your sales and incentive programs are no different. If your sales and incentive programs aren’t easy to access and intuitive to navigate on all types of devices, your participants will lose interest and your money will be wasted.

As you evaluate sales and incentive technology, look for those that offer a user-centered approach and a mobile-first design. This means the program was designed around the smallest screen first, so the information is easy-to-read, especially when you are on-the-go. This is different from traditional responsive design because it prioritizes the mobile user experience, and we all know we reach for our phones first when we need to stay connected to work.

This year more than ever, as you try to reconnect your workforce, all the focus will be on your employees. There are a variety of ways in which sales and incentive technology can help you do just that, while also increasing your bottom line.