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By Natalie Stute, Chief HR Officer at Consilio LLC based in Washington DC

Natalie Stute, Chief HR Officer at Consilio LLC based in Washington DC

Over the last three years, Consilio has grown from 50 employees to over 3,000 largely due to significant M&A activity. When you experience that amount of growth, there are a number of things that are important to keep in mind as you evolve and grow your culture. The primary focus during such time of significant change is that ‘Culture is king!’  An organizations culture is the DNA and fabric of your company that determines how employees behave, interact, lead, communicate, and make decisions. Early on during our initial acquisitions, we realized we needed to update our core values. A global cross-functional group of 20 people across every department came together to develop what we now call our ‘True North’ core values. We took approximately 3 months to develop them. They are 6 core values (Excellence, Agility, Passion, Vision, Collaboration, People) that represent the underpinnings for how we interact, communicate, make decisions, collaborate, and lead.  As we hire, develop, and recognize our employees across the company, our True North values are the foundation and roadmap to help us navigate our organizational success. Along these lines, we also implemented an employee recognition program using an online platform called Bonusly. Since implementing this recognition system, we’ve consistently had over 90% participation and engagement. This has become an incredible way for our employees to remain connected to other employees all over the world while recognizing their peers real-time for the great work they’re doing. Every month, employees get an allowance of 200 points to give small micro-bonuses to their colleagues to recognize their contributions. The bonuses appear in a public feed so that everyone can see the important work happening across the teams. Once employees accumulate enough points they can redeem them for gift cards to over 100 retailers or donate the monetary value to charities or foundations.  This recognition platform has made recognition easy and fun while helping every Consilio team member feel that their work is valued. We learned through best practices that in order for our recognition program to be successful, it had to be frequent, specific about the work being recognized, visible, aligned with our company values, and inclusive. We also use Bonusly to welcome our new hires, celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries, promotions, and ongoing client feedback received. Regardless of your role or level, it’s important to recognize the tremendous efforts and value your team members bring to your organization.  It’s about bringing out the best in your people, making sure the recognition is personal, meaningful, and people feel included. Employee recognition should be about finding ways for people to feel a sense of purpose and progress at work.  

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